Walking on thin Ice




video, photography, installation and CineChamber modul

....a process happens which ignores the primary constants of the image, while highlighting specific moments from the film. Adjusting the rate at which this occurs determines how the imagery is pulled and pushed from shape to shape in a continual flux of deformation and reformation. So buses, cars and folk on foot, get pulled across the screen in fat wodges of fluid form, sliding across the screen before being recomposed into other patterns, shapes and forms. Mittelstädt, who for many years has been working in photography rather than original medium of video, describes this as cine-graphical, where space has been excised leaving one to conjure with the temporality of moving pictures. The results are dream-like, turning the everyday into a world beside the one we already inhabit; the visual complement to myriad soundscapes of ambient and electronica.


(from Fourth Door Review 8, Oliver Lowenstein, UK, 2009)



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