by Periskop (Yoshie Shibahara, Achim Mohné, Egbert Mittelstädt)



For Timeslices, performer Yoshi Shibahara, musician Achim Mohné and media artist Egbert Mittelstädt come together for an intuitive composition of images and sound.  The framework for their performance is provided by a CineChamber media installation with a triple video projection.


The basis of Mittelstädt´s world of images are fragments of panorama photographs of the location from the performance venue. By means of his own software patch, he is able to control the spatial and time sequence of the photographic elements in real time. Shibahara takes these images as the stage for her improvisations. With his world of sound, Mohné creates a basis for the performer´s movements.


This process creates a continuously changing photographic image, which merges with the movements of the performer and the sound world to form a unity, an audiovisual “real-time composition”.

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