Rymätyltä Kuuliselle


2005 - 2008


video, photography and installation

This is one of the leitmotiv in Mittelstädt‘s work the incessant movement that seemingly dominates our daily lives, a kinetic angst, a spatial frenzy that works its way within things and people, to the point where ambient spaces and bodies flare up and lose their connotations.


To construct his worlds the artist uses complex state-of-the-art technologies, but on doser inspection these are all rooted in the mechanics - or at least the imagined mechanics – of the past: the round shot camera, which allows a circular view of static surroundings using computer-controlled movingfilm; the slitscan camera to create effects of fragmentation and time-slips; slide projectors, rotary projectors and translucent screens for installations.


The result on Video is total explosion of the phenomenal world around us. Places slowly become abstract, liquefied non-places. Bodies dematerialise the skeletal structures that carry their weight, becoming reduced to soft matter that can be contorted into any kind of shape. Simultaneously, the categories of space and time disintegrate and the vision of the mechanical eye prevails, in terms of representative and interpretative potential, over human sight.


(cut-outs from: The breath of a Century and the blowing of the Future... Video work by Egbert Mittelstadt by Elena Marcheschi)


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