2007 - present


10 channel media installation

The mercurial widescreen sonic cinematic syntax of Biosphere & Egbert Mittelstaedt has graced the CineChamber screens for many seasons now after their live milestone residencies in 2007. Their timeless program that remains is asignature memory capsule that introduces RML’s surround canvas in the most spatially sublime sector of the Recombinant archives.


Opening with the weightless dreamful drift of “Elsewhere Anywhere” . Egbert Mittelstaedt reveals a Tokyo subway interior where the passengers are captured in a catatonic still life as their frozen images float quietly around a discerning CineChamber Station . Trapped on a haunted metro train to nowhere are the animated apparitions that emerge out of these photographic figures which for brief moments re-imagine the former preoccupation and lost voices of these restless commuter “ghosts”. The spectral twilight audio commentary from Biosphere’s Geir Jenssen suggest that these “People

are Friends” - activated sprits of a human presence long since suspended.


Taking cues from his outpost near the world’s Arctic Circle, this norwegian musician called Biosphere has sculpted a body of ambient works as iconoclastic as the remote midnight sun that beams onto the desert barren tundra’s and northern lights. Jenssen has painted his tonal impressions around the natural phenomena of clouds, glaciers, fjords and forests to forge a somnambulent music that also embraces a sine wave wilderness of slow synthetic pulses or hazy orchestral sources drawn from a distantly submerged Debussy broadcast: Biosphere’s live visual collaborator for a number of tours has been the Cologne based Egbert Mittelstaedt whose video’s photograph’s and installations investigate the principle of time as mangled by both subtle and extreme digital distortions. His image processing propels and warps movement through a series of slowly sliding, continuous beacons of elusive patterns and shifting structures . Acclaimed for his “Slit-Scan” meditations, he stretches the constants of space:by pulling motion out of shape while still remaining recognisable and time crawls forward in almost a pendulous, shimmering displacement.


(RML Portfolio, Naut Human, SF , 2012)


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